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Private Yoga Experience

75-Minute Session
Personally tailored for each individual based on experience and needs. Rooted out of the tradition of yoga where growth is solely based on the clients desire to grow and expand on their own practice. Sessions include asana/postures, pranayama/breathing exercises and meditation. Also may offer  Ayurvedic dietary, herb/vitamin,
life-style suggestions. $85

Group Yoga Experience 
75-Minute Session
Professionally guided yoga class, breathing exercises and meditation that offer a well-balanced experience for all individuals leaving everyone feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed.
$85 2-4 Individuals 
$15 per client of 5 or more
*Mats provided at no charge


Yoga in the Workplace 
Studies have shown that practicing yoga can bring more focus, increase brain power and create an overall productive and calm workplace environment.
30/45/60+ Minute Sessions.
*Pricing contingent on commitment.  

Yoga at School 
Give children a leading edge!
When kids practice yoga it helps
lengthen their attention span and
retain information longer. It also provides physical and mental strength that carries over into their mathematics, reading comprehension and extracurricular activities from music to sports. 30/45+ Minute Sessions.
*Pricing contingent on commitment.                               

Yoga for Athletes 75-Minutes
Go from good to exceptional! Increase VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)and LT/AT (lactate threshold/anaerobic threshold) through precise yoga poses and movement. Create mental clarity, focus and stamina through specific breath work and meditation exercises.
For the individual athlete looking to enhance their personal edge or the sport team that looks to rise above average into excellence together!
$85 2-4 athletes
$15 per athlete 5 or more


Celebrate with Yoga
Offer yoga at your next shower, birthday party or evening with friends! A guided yoga session focusing on the occasion followed by a Champagne toast to friendship and a goodie bag! $175
*Mats provided at no charge

Gift of Yoga & Bodywork
Gift Certificates available in any denomination
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